The Adventurous Joe Coffee Story

Long-time coffee lovers and adventure travelers, we were in the Peruvian Andes trekking to Machu Picchu on an ancient Inca trail with our Costa Rican friends. Once again, we were engaged in a world-class adventure discovering amazing small farm organic coffees. Wearing backpacks and with trekking poles in hand, we were literally surrounded by premium quality organic coffee growing on both sides of the trail. We had an epiphany! And Adventurous Joe Coffee was born! – John and Nicole Connelly, Founders

Who is, “Adventurous Joe”?

Answer: Everyone who loves coffee and is adventurous in spirit is an Adventurous Joe or Josepheine, which means, you! Adventurous Joe Coffee is committed to excellence in coffee roasting using exquisite beans from our favorite coffee growing regions around the world. While on our quest to discover the world’s best coffees, we’re also on a mission to uncover the world’s best adventures. We are committed to sustainable practices and to giving back with our 2 percent for People and the Environment!

AJ’s Mission

Live an exquisitely-caffeinated, adventurous life and make the world a better place.
Produce and enjoy the world’s most amazing coffees and fuel the world’s most epic adventures!

What Does Certified Organic Coffee and Fairly Traded Mean?

Fair Trade…means that small farmers are treated fairly and get paid fair price for their coffee through cooperatives and no middleman is exploiting the farmers who grow the beans.

Organic…means that no chemicals or fertilizers are used in the production of the coffee. No bad stuff for you. It takes a non-organic coffee farm about three years to become certified organic. During the transitional period, only organic practices are in play.

2 Percent for People and the Environment

In addition to purchasing Certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices by giving back 2% of coffee profits to regions and communities where our coffee originates. This supports the sustainability of indigenous cultures, their economies and the environment in coffee growing regions and gives back to the communities and people that make the AJC business possible.


President and CEO

John has been a coffee lover and world adventurer all his life having guided and outfitted a career tally of over 400,000 outdoor adventure participants and with a personal “cups-downed” count of over 25,000 cups and counting! John believes that it’s bad karma to launch into a day of adventure without the taste of superb coffee, proper caffeination, and thorough trip gear and safety preparation. Kicking off your day with a truly epic cup of coffee in your tent when backcountry ski mountaineering is as important as having one to start your day at home. There is no reason to compromise. It’s all about having a complete experience! When combining the world’s amazing coffees with the world’s epic adventures, John has been known to say, “It just doesn’t get any better than this!”


Vice President and CPF

John and Nicole met on a sea kayaking expedition and got familiar first over a margarita followed closely by a cup of joe. Nicole, an avid outdoorswoman enjoys “mindful sipping” of exquisite coffees from her favorite regions to go adventuring. The aroma and flavors of AJC’s Peruvian coffees take her back to trekking the Salcantay Trail to Machu Picchu, rafting the Upper Apurimac and mountain biking in the Andes above Cusco. Nicole loves to fuel her adventurous days with AJC Costa Rican coffee, transporting her to zipping through the rainforest canopy, jungle kayaking and rafting the Pacuare River gorge. Nicole is all about fueling adventures with epic coffees and keeping the fun meter pegged!